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The Transformer costume by which all other Transformer costumes should be judged ...


For inspiration ^.^

Personally, I'm dying to try out her techniques. Gotta finish my Mystique costume for BayCon first, tho >.>
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... if hes the same Starscream thats in this photo in the lastest edition of Anime Network Quarterly -- its an ad mag for Suncoast Pictures geared to people who like to buy anime, which I do -- that I got in the mail on Saturday.

Certainly looks like it ... Ill have to show it to you the next time we meet up, Raz.

Yah, I'd like to see that. Could be--pics of her costume are floating all over the 'net =P

If only I could make a costume that got so much attention ^.^;;
I was shocked to know that person used spandex on card board to do that. :O It's so awesome and with hot glue too. I wish I have the time and money to do my Emperor Starscream costume like the way she did. Unfortunately I don't so I'm stuck with duck taping mines together and painting it all over. *sighs* College... messes up my costume making hours.
More like fabric over upholstery foam, but yah--the fact that she used fabric is pretty kewl ^.^
For real.. I never heard of anyone doing that before. I wonder if the person is considering doing another Tf costume.