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Shockwave Plushie/ Starscream costume

Here is my Shockwave Plushie. So cute. It took me awhile to make him. Here is a link to all the pics. I have posted this in board rooms so many of you might have seen it already.


Also I have finally finished my Emperor Starscream costume. Yea! Will post pics after Yasumicon day is over.
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Cute! XD

Is the "blinking light" made of anything special, or is it just drawn or whatever?
Sadly I'm not that good with electricity so no his eye can't blink. Would be cool though. The eye is painted with yellow acrylic paint. *sighs* but on a positive note, his eye does glow under a black light. :D

He likes to hang around near the computer like a true Shockwave. :D

I'm trying to find black string to glue it at his arm to his back to make that wire Shockie has.
This is sooooooo much better than Kunicon. !110% I really enjoyed it. Though I was disappointed with the games at the game room. My bf was most disappointed than I was. All they ad was Naruto fighting game. I told my bf to at least try to play the game but my bf has low self esteem and doesn't want to try it out. Plus there were huge lines for it. We only seen four avaliable systems. Other than that Yasumicon kick ass! I even got a souvenir from the Mecha panel, so cool. Many special thank yous. Love My bf didn't enjoy it that much. He hates gaint robots, but he did like Gundam Seed clip. The Mecha panel was soooo much better than the Tf panel. I guess because there were so many females there the guys kind of got more energy or someting, because they knew what they were talking about this time around. Also everything was in order. Yea!!! BTW the souvenir is a blue ball that says Cybertron on it.

I also want to apologize to those who got hit by my wings. Please forgive me its not done on propose ok.

I even got to bump into an ol buddy from last years Kunicon. I suck at names. He is really cool like he did at Kunicon he helped me with finding the booth with the papers and helped to find the panel I wanted to go. Many super thank yous to him.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay that much. I get tired and weak very easily (I properlly have sickle cell anaemia and dont even know it). I also have seen my bf wasn't very interrested in the event. Then again he always hated conventions. I invited him to Kunicon and pay for everything. All he did was spent is three days at the game room. *sighs*

Anyways did enjoy the four to six hours being there. Had more fun in those four to six hours being there than the 12 hours each of the three days at Kunicon.

I'm still upset that I got weak and sick so fast. Normally I get weaken after 9 to 10 hours of being awake. Then again I did woke up early.

While walking around I got alot of people taking photos of me and even gave good props to my Emperor Starscream costume. Tere was this one girl who I swear went bananas saying that I was cosplaying as her favorite. Majority of them made fun of me saying that I'm Starscream before he died. ;D I replied by saying that Galv is just jealious that I'm cuter than him. There were a few people who mistaken me for Skywarp???:o Kind of like the time when someone mistaken my Skywarp wings with that of Thundercracker. *sighs*

I really wished I have the money to go to AFO. They're having three days straight of nothing but Tfs. God can be an *birds singing*. Why couldn't that con take place sometime in December? Oh well I'm saving so I can go to the biggest one next year Megacon.