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Emperor Starscream costume

Me in Yasumicon as Emperor Starscream

Not that great as some other Starscream costumes out there but its my first try at doing a costume by scratch. Many thanks to OA for posting this in their site in the photo area. I only wish to give you a full body pic. The boots came out excellent especially with my skills with card board boxes.
The flaws of this costume is that it started to break apart on me. Particularly the boots (they werent glue right) and the side flaps that close the costume in broke as well,  but no worries I have fixed the problems already.

I only wish I brought my camera with me to take few pics. It was so funny to see me walk down the stairs. I fell on my royal hinnie accouple of times. My bf was asking why I just don't fly my way down afterall I am a Decepticon and 'cons suppose to fly. (smart *beep*) I was basically drunk with pocky by the time we left the con and was feeling tired.

My next projects are G1 Cyclonus (starting to look better than my Emperor Starscream costume and a whole lot lighter too...could move alot easier)  and Estoria (from episode "The girl who loved Powerglide"). See ya at Kunicon 2005.
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