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First post! Whee! ^.^

Welcome to TF Cosplay.

I mostly made this community because I eventually plan on making some TF costumes of my own, and ... well, while I've seen the occasional website of a person who has made one, I've never actually talked to anyone who has. In fact, I looked for a community dedicated to TF cosplay, or mecha cosplay in general, and apparently there aren't any ... so I made my own ^.^

I also know people who plan on making TF costumes, and people who know people who have already, so I wanted a place where we could all gather to talk about it.

So have fun. And while it's not required, I'd like it if new people would introduce themselves ^.^ (guess that means I should do that too >.> *procrastinates*)
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Sounds interesting. What'll be your focus - Generation One comics, toys, or cartoon?
Woo-hoo! Someone posted who isn't me! XD

You mean the costumes I'm planning to make? Generation 1 cartoon. I'm gonna make a Nightbird costume for myself, and Optimus Prime for my b/f.

Or if you mean the community in general--pretty much any discussion related to Transformers costumes, and even just mecha costumes in general, is welcome.
*is very psyched to find a community dedicated to TF cosplay!* I'll introduce myself properly once I actually have any costume projects to show off. I don't have any yet, but I have plans... *g*