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There's More to TF Cosplay ...

... Than Meets the Eye

TF Cosplay
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Welcome to the community for discussing all things related to Transformers cosplay. If you have any interest in making a TF costume, or have already made one and would like to help out those who are trying it for the first time, this is a good place to talk about it.

It's not limited to Transformers--discussion of any kind of mecha costumes is also allowed, since they involve the same kind of techniques.

This is a pretty relaxed environment, so there are only 2 rules:

- NO FLAMING, starting fights, etc.
- Stay more or less on topic

I may elaborate on those, or add more rules in the future, if I ever deem it necessary.

Have fun! ^.^


Maintained by razia

About the wallpaper: Image of Starscream "cosplaying" as Optimus Prime is from the episode Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2 from Season 2 of the Generation 1 series. The image of Starscream with the crown is from Transformers: The Movie during his "coronation". The starry background is from the movie's opening sequence. Images were captured and put together by me. Please don't use the wallpaper image without my permission. I'll most likely say yes with a request that you credit me--just don't steal it, please, as I worked hard on getting it just right.