Ramses, king of the 619『ラムゼス, 619王』 (ramsesr84) wrote in tf_cosplay,
Ramses, king of the 619『ラムゼス, 619王』

wow,a TF Cosplay site,what a sweet deal ^^ 2 of my faivorite passions in one kick ass comunity ^_^

well,as for who I am,im the Imortal Ramses ^_^ Im the guy who makes costumes and such. Right now im working on Seiya from Saint Seiya and soon after,im going to get my ass in gear for a Fourth Doctor (from Doctor Who fame) and after that,im going to devote my time to do this: Kicker (Microman ver.) for next year's big Official Transformers Collector Convention or for Comic-con. In anyrate,Kicker is next and my armor making skills i've gain with my Seiya costume will come in handy for it,but if you like to add any sujestions or tips,please drop me a line and i'll gladly lissen and take into consiteration :)

'Till all are one!
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